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The Frida Kahlo Artists in Residence Program is located just off of Kingsland Road, next to Dalston Junction station in London.The brief required exploration of a client who has both a public and private aspect to their life. My chosen client was Frida Kahlo. Within the project you see progression from a conceptual space designed for Frida which then later informs the design of the Artist in Residence Program and Public Garden.

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Kingsland Road Site Analysis

Kingsland Road AnalysisKingsland Road Analysis

Kingsland Road Illustration

Due to her infertility, Frida lavished all of her maternal love to her plants and animals, which are also frequently included within her portraits. An important aspect of my design was to create a natural progression from internal space to 'Frida's Garden'. 

The conceptual space consists of a series of painting studios which progress from formal arrangements to the most personal where Frida's infamous bed is located. Mechanical easels throughout the studios and attached to the bed cater to Frida's disabilities whilst having the ability to manipulate the space. Organic forms are frequent throughout the design: an extension of the garden in the form of artificial lighting and sculpture. 

Frida's Bed and Mechanical Easel

Organic Mechanical Shading


*All images are hand drawn. White elements of the models are hand cut.